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Our Philosophy

We are Leeming Associates, A Chartered Property  & Construction Consultancy (CIOB) (RICS).


Since 1983, we are enthused by the variety of our work, and seeing our team develop, providing practical, creative and sustainable solutions.

A team of experienced and highly motivated professionals who provide advice and services throughout the UK. We make for efficient and effective outcomes no matter what your Project involves.


Each Project is bespoke to every individual client with the upmost care and integrity at the heart of everything we do.


There is more to operating our company than simply the creation of wealth for the few. Our philosophy is to develop long-term relationships both within the company and externally, as we recognise the strength this offers our organisation. By collaborating with our employees, clients and stakeholders, we have a more rounded approach to business and a greater awareness of the impact we can make on the community around us.

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